• With Touch to Open, you don't need to open the LOQED app to unlock your door. You can keep your phone in your pocket…

Opens with a touch

With Touch to Open, you open your door with just one simple touch. Searching for your keys is a thing of the past and your phone stays in your pocket.

A more secure lock does not exist

Your safety and privacy are paramount. We use the same encryption as banks use and only your phone and lock can read your encryption key. On top of that, the LOQED Touch Smart Lock has received the highest achievable SKG three-star certificate.

Never lose your keys again

Forgetting your keys is a thing of the past. And if you’re not carrying your phone, you can always enter with your personal code.

Everything in one app

  • Open remotely

    Allow guests or service providers in, wherever you are. No need to give a spare key to the housekeeper.

    Manage users

    Share keys with anyone, change their permissions, and revoke access remotely.

    Locks automatically

    Choose to lock the door with a single touch, let it lock automatically when you leave, or set it to lock at a predefined time.

  • Open house mode

    With open house mode, anyone can enter without the need for a phone or access code. Perfect for children and parties.

    Time schedules

    Grant access to the housekeeper or dog walker at times you choose.

    Notifications & log

    Know when your housekeeper or children arrive and see when your door was opened in the log.

  • Homey

  • Google Assistant

  • Doorbird

  • Olisto

  • Apple Watch (via Olisto Now)

  • IfThisThenThat

  • Home Assistant (coming soon)

  • Loxone

  • API


If you are inside, you can turn the knob to lock the door. If you are outside, simply close the door. "Touch to Lock" will show on the display and you can tap one of the touch buttons to lock the door. If you have enabled Auto Lock, the door will directly lock.
Of course, you can always lock the door with the LOQED app.

Installation can be done in 20 minutes and only requires a screwdriver – no drilling is needed. You can also get one of our professionals to install it for you.

Yes! In The Netherlands and Belgium you can change your lock without asking for permission from your landlord, and you do not need to hand over the keys. In fact, it is highly recommended to change your lock, to ensure previous tenants cannot enter your house. As the LOQED Touch Smart Lock does not require permanent changes to your door, you can simply put your old lock when you move out. Your LOQED Touch Smart Lock will move with you to the next place.

With an SKG three-star certification, you are covered against theft by all major Dutch insurance companies. The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is compliant with the Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen. Always check your own insurance policy.

If you lose your phone, simple log into your account on our website and the key on the lost phone will be deactivated automatically. Or ask another administator of your lock to disable your key in their app.

The LOQED Touch Smart Lock is SKG three-star certified and uses the same advanced encryption technology as banks use. Only your phone and the LOQED Touch Smart Lock have access to your digital keys – even we cannot open your door.

The batteries last up to one year, and you’ll get timely notifications to replace them. Didn’t replace them in time? Don’t worry! The LOQED Touch Smart Lock has an emergency power connector on the outside, so you can be sure you can always open your door.

Yes, you can share a code or send a guest link. With the guest link, your friends and guests can open and lock the door with a simple tap in their browser.

If the battery of your phone is empty, you can always enter using your personal code.

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The LOQED Touch Smart Lock can be installed in 20 minutes, works with multi-point locks and fits on top of your existing door furniture.

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